2019 // A new chapter

I may have started this year with a scratchy sore throat, snotty nose and exchanged cross words but I'm not letting that rain on my parade. A brand new sparkly year to set new goals and important focal points to.
I never used to be one for resolutions but there is something about starting 2019 with some solid goals and motivation.
I may be sleep deprived, snotty and have a whiny toddler shaped shadow BUT I'm ready and willing to put myself into this wholeheartedly. And that's for living slowly and resting more as well as reaching my goals and heading towards my dreams.
A few things...
Be more present. Putting my phone down and minimising my phone use generally is something I'm passionate about doing and sticking to. I'm currently having an Instagram break and loving it!
I am going to schedule some regular one-on-one time with Olive because I fear she isn't getting the right sort of attention she deserves. She only 'plays up' to get our attention but in a negative way which leaves us all cross. And that just breaks me. So I plan to arrange monthly girly coffee dates for just the two of us, like we used to do. And some crafting sessions too. She always asks to do painting but Merlo seems to wake when we are mid mess and that causes stress for me (see above re negative attention!).
I also want to schedule some time for myself...

Self care. Like last year's goals, this is very important for me to keep up for my wellness and my self-improvement. I haven't been the best at looking after myself. However I have started to accept help a bit more and have decided to schedule an hour a day just for me. Perhaps in the evening for a bubble bath and a good book or creative time or simply sitting in silence, alone!
I plan to carry on practising EFT/Tapping to help me overcome the great sense of overwhelm that comes with being a mother (I recommend Sarah Tobin for sessions and guidance, here).
I really want to eat better too. I'm awful at this and I am currently surrounded by festive treats and chocolate coins. Balance is key, but once they're all gone I plan to eat even better!

Creativity. 2018 didn't go quite as planned when it comes to being creative. I rarely felt up to it when I was pregnant and then Merlo arrived I felt overwhelmed with Motherhood that I simply could not bring myself to do anything but sleep.
Anyway, Olive started playschool this month, two days a week (I'm an emotional wreck by the way!), so I plan to put some time into making things and resuming projects... when I'm not snuggling Merlo ofcourse.
I made a promise to Sebastian that I would draw every single day. One drawing a day at least. Even if it is a little doodle- it's one step closer to my dream.

Keep reading. After the success of last years goal and the magical escapism reading brings, I have planned to read another 12 books this year too. I have already completed one... it only took me 5 days to read it! Having not read for two months I clearly missed it!

Live a more Minimal, slow life. This goes hand in hand with 'Be more present', I want our family life to be simpler and easier and alot more slower. I'd like this year to be the year we finally say goodbye to the clutter and live with less (a tidy surrounding creates a tidy mind). Appreciate the items we have and spend time together, quality time. Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air, being grateful with our surroundings and just simply walking together. Using our brains and playing board games together, reading together and making things and baking together. Spending less money and being richer on life and inner happiness.
I also want to focus on purchasing clothing, gifts etc from ethical, sustainable brands and spending more money on quality items that will last instead of 'fast fashion' that won't.

That's my list of goals I would like to focus on this year. Along with surviving the tough days of Motherhood, finding inner peace for myself and for my family is my main focus right now and I'm hoping the other goals will slot in along the way.
Have you made any goals for this year? Do they help you organise your life a little bit like they do for me? I'm a huge list maker and there is nothing more successful than crossing off and ticking accomplishments.

Happy mid January to you all. I hope it has been full of cosy moments and heaps of relaxing after the busy Christmas rush.


  1. I completely agree with you - this year is all about slowing down and taking each day as it comes. I also had an Instagram break - didn't go on social media for November and December and it was refreshing and wonderful!

    Zoey |

  2. About your last goal, it was interesting: last Sunday morning we decided to have a few hours after breakfast of just drinking tea and doing a puzzle together and listening to a favorite radio program. At first I felt really fidgety, like doing this puzzle was "unproductive" and a waste of time, but looking back it was my favorite part of the whole weekend! I feel ya. Learning to let things be slow :)

  3. I love be more present - I think you had this as a resolution two years ago and it seemed to go really well. I hope it does again, and please do share tips!

  4. Girl - yeeeeeees! To all your goals. I love a slow weekend, so I'm trying to incorporate that into my life. My toddler also plays up when he hasn't had much attention, so I'm working to put my phone down more, put off chores and just spend more time with him exploring the world. It has been so calming and so much FUN! That's the vibe I want to bring in 2019, so I'm going to constantly be working towards that.

    xo, Victoria


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